Crumpler Master Delhi 510

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After acquiring the Crumpler Beefy pocket i couldn’t resist looking at Crumplers other offerings in the Holy Cow Leather bag series.

So recently i received the Crumpler Master Delhi 510 from Amazon UK which seems to be the only place where you can get this bag, since it seems to be discontinued in this particular size (that’s what 510 stands for).

My take on shoulder bags is that they are useful when you need a small amount of gear that you don’t need to carry over a great length of time.  Read more

Crumpler Beefypocket 13″

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The downside of visiting the Crumpler retail store is of course there is A LOT of bags to look at… and since iv been looking at a messenger bag to hold my laptop and a camera with a smaller lens like 50mm prime or 85mm i couldn’t resist looking at their laptop bags while i was there.

Bad move on my part as i discovered a stylish leather bag that cost the double what i had in mind, it looked incredible and that didn’t fade when i picked up.. Read more

Crumpler PonyBox

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Iv had a chance to use the Crumpler Pony Box backpack and i thought i share my impression of it.

My requirements when acquiring this bag was the following:

  •  Small (smaller then my Kata bumblebee 220 UL)
  • Fit my 13″ Macbook Air
  • Fit a A900 with lens attached plus 2 other additonal lenses
  • A bag that i can wear with the above mentioned gear over a day without my shoulders giving up Read more

Manual Focus A Dying Art ?

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Manual Focus

Well maybe not as melodramatic as the title might suggest but with the modern DSLR of today and lenses with built in AF motors manual focus is certainly not used as much as before the AF revolution.

So who the heck need to use MF in this day and age, let alone a lens that can’t AF ? Answer is not many need it, but many still want to and do use it with both DSLR’s and EVIL cameras like Sony NEX.  Read more